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The school is situated on the western side of Leicester just off the bustling Narborough Road.  It has over 480 pupils from a wide range of cultures and the school has  recently opened a new £4m junior extension.

About Us

We are committed to raising educational achievement and standards in a welcoming, caring and safe environment.

St Mary's Fields Aims

- To provide a welcoming and caring environment for everyone in our school.

- To develop a co-operative working partnership between all staff, children, parents/carers and governors.

- To foster children's self-esteem through enjoyment, praise and success.

- To provide opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

- To develop learning through structured play and language.

- To provide equal opportunities for all.

- To enable each child to reach their potential through a challenging, broad, balanced and creative curriculum.

- To enable each child to leave our school as an independent, self-motivated and caring young adult. We review our School Aims every summer term when Governors and Staff meet to agree priorities in the School Improvement Plan - a key document for the school.

Our Ofsted Inspections of 2010 and 2014 confirmed that St Mary’s Fields is a good school with many outstanding features.

The inspectors were impressed by the exciting, challenging and well planned curriculum, the good to outstanding teaching, the very good behaviour of the children, the strong governing body, the supportive parents and carers and the school’s highly inclusive, supportive atmosphere.

Working for Us

Reasons to work with us: “The school is well respected within its community” – Ofsted 2014 “St Mary’s has a highly supportive governing body”

- Finance committee governors “Teaching is challenging in every school, but the difference with our school is that we all support each other, and it’s the all-pervasive caring ethos from top down. You notice this from the moment you walk into the school!”

- Deputy Headteacher “The headteacher and staff and governors are working enthusiastically together to raise pupils’ standards. They have high expectations of themselves and pupils, as they aim for continual improvement.”

– Ofsted report 2014  “St Mary’s has a real family feel to it. Governors, Staff and family all work really hard together to give our children the best start we possibly can”

– A School Governor “The school has a very supportive environment and teachers are encouraged to try new things with   opportunities for self-development.”

– A member of the Senior Leadership Team “ St Mary’s Fields Primary provides an environment in which all staff , including NQT’s feel valued and respected”

– A newly qualified teacher “Staff are motivated and the children want to do really well so everyone gets stuck in!”

– A teacher The school is a vibrant learning community. Lessons are interesting and so pupils want to succeed in their learning.

_ Ofsted 2014 “Really friendly, supportive, happy, dynamic atmosphere in a school which is growing and developing” “Flexible and adaptable child- centred approach”– A teacher “Everyone is really lovely and welcoming and it feels really calm and happy”

– A teacher new to the school “Teaching across the school is good. Pupils of all abilities make good progress. Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs are supported well, not just academically but with excellent pastoral and health care.”

–Ofsted 2014 “The children are the most important thing all the policies and practices reflect this.” – A teacher “Behaviour is always good and often exemplary.  Pupils enjoy coming to school in this welcoming, vibrant and friendly environment and have positive attitudes to learning.  Pupils take pride in their school. Pupils say they feel safe in school and there is no bullying.” – Ofsted 2014 “ I love this  school soooo much. Thank you for buying this school” Year 2 pupil to headteacher  “The curriculum is interesting and incorporates a wide variety of different activities that engage pupils well and promotes good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Pupils are offered a wider range of sports which has encouraged greater participation and improved their well-being.  A well trained coach leads outstanding physical education lessons.” – Ofsted 2014


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Vision Statement

At St Mary’s Fields Primary School we are committed to ensuring that each child reaches their potential and develops an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Our vision is for the children to leave St. Mary’s as confident, independent, respectful and self-motivated young people equipped with the academic, social and emotional skills to take on their next challenge. 

At St Mary’s Fields we aim for children to be

  • Reflective learners Independent learners
  • Team players Creative thinkers
  • Self –motivators Effective Participators

Reflective Learners

  • Know what they are good at
  • Set themselves realistic goals
  • Listen to feedback from others and deal positively with praise and criticism
  •  Are resilient and learn from their mistakes

Independent Learners

  • Can think, explore and solve their own problems
  • Are enthusiastic
  • Take responsibility
  • Are learning beyond the school environment
Team Players
  • Good listeners
  • Are truthful and honest
  • Have good
  • relationships with others
  • Take account of needs of others
Self Motivators
  • Have ambition
  • Are willing to try new things
  • Show perseverance
  • Can take the initiative and organise themselves
  • Resist distractions
Creative Thinkers
  • Are imaginative
  • Are creative
  • Can communicate well with others
  • Are good problem solvers
Effective Participants
  • Act as good role models to others
  • Are tolerant, considerate and
  • respectful of other opinions, differences and beliefs
  • Know right from wrong
  • Positively contribute to the society they live in and the wider world