In summary, St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School is a very happy and caring school where children flourish. You will find a commitment to catholicity, openness to others and the inclusion of all. We seek not academic achievement alone but a broad and balanced curriculum that assists each child towards human wholeness. We value highly the strong partnership with our parents, and our community.



To sustain through example the moral and religious beliefs of the Catholic faith in a secure, caring and happy environment thus fostering the distinctive nature of our Catholic school.

To ensure that each child has the opportunity and assistance required to achieve their full potential academically, physically and spiritually.

School Information

The aims of the school

- To value our children and to achieve a common aim.
- To encourage pupils to develop self-discipline and independent learning.
- To enable all members of the school community to develop and grow as individuals.
- To foster in the children a caring attitude to the needs of others and the environment.
- To instill respect and tolerance of other pupils and eventually, through example, of other races, religions and ways of life.
- To help pupils acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to adult life.
- To enable each child to make his/her own valuable contribution to society.
- To help the children develop lively, enquiring minds and to apply their knowledge to given tasks through carefully planned activities suited to the individual child.

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