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Welcome to Our Setting

Welcome to our outstanding setting. 

St Pauls Nursery School and Children’s Centre welcomed children and families in September 2008 as a new integrated service. We are based in a large temporary building, with extensive grounds that facilitate wonderful outdoor play opportunities for our users – all year round. The building has caused a few challenges over the years, but we have recently completed an extensive refurbishment plan which provides much better space for learning and thinking.

We have high expectations and ambition for ourselves and others and always put the interests of children and families first as we constantly strive to bring our vision alive. We respect and value all contributions and work hard to make sure everyone has a voice. We invest hugely in establishing authentic partnerships and relationships with our community and local services, learning from their experience and developing ways we can move forward together. We have particularly strong partnerships with our parents, health, social care, police, learning communities, local Schools and community groups. We also take our services out into the community offering family services at a variety of places.

We are proud that our service has been judged as Outstanding by Ofsted for the last 10 years. Our provision is subject to 3 different Ofsted Inspection frameworks: School Section 5, Daycare and Children’s Centre.

In 2013 we were also designated as a National Teaching School – working in partnership with Redcliffe Nursery School as part of the Bristol Early Years Teaching Consortium. In this role we deliver training to SW England, provide consultancy support and research opportunities to other settings, work with Universities to redesign and offer school based Initial Teacher Training and recruit/deploy Specialist Leaders in Education.

Our work with our youngest children has also been recognised, we are now a Centre of Excellence for Under 3s and are particularly proud of the experience we offer our babies.

St Pauls is an incredible place to work, the diversity, passion and hope in our local community is where we get our inspiration. Every child and family is unique and every day we learn from them.

As a setting we will continue to reflect on how well what we offer meets the needs of this community and strive to continuously improve what we do.

Our Vision and Values

We have 5 Key Values that underpin all that we do at St Pauls, they inform our vision, strategic development, policy, provision, practice and research.

These are:


Central to all our work, we believe that children and families need to feel secure in their relationships with us, they need to feel emotionally contained and have the opportunities to make secure attachments


We believe that learning is learnable and support our children and families to develop dispositions to enable them to be effective lifelong learners. We have developed a learning community where we are all learners, recognising that it is Ok to make mistakes


We believe that all children and families have a right to access our services and be welcomed as equal partners. We go out of our way to learn from individuals – adapting and improving our provision to ensure it ‘enables’ all


We recognise that everyone comes to St Pauls with a journey to share, from which we can learn. We understand that this personal history needs to be voiced and listened too and that this cannot happen without space and time.


We celebrate the process of learning, making connections, imagining and problem solving, recognising everyone as a unique thinker and artist. We take the lead from individual fascinations and allow them to inspire us.

We hope that you can sense, feel, hear and see these in all the interactions that we have with you and your child.


At St Pauls Nursery School and Children’s Centre, we believe all children and families have the right to:

  • Feel valued as an individual
  • Be happy, healthy, enthusiastic and confident with high self-esteem and self-worth
  • Be independent, curious, creative and resilient learners
  • Be courageous and take risks, challenging themselves and each other
  • Know they have a voice, feel heard and that they can make a difference
  • Be able to identify and communicate their own needs and feelings
  • Be empowered to meet their own needs
  • Respect themselves, each other, their communities and environment
  • Feel safe and secure and have a sense of belonging
  • Establish effective and supportive relationships and be able to work collaboratively
  • Be lifelong learners with a love of learning
  • Have high aspirations, build on their previous best and excel in what ever they choose to do

To enable this we will offer:

  • Seamless education, support and care provision which puts children and families at the heart
  • A stimulating, safe, secure and welcoming environment, inside and outdoors
  • Appropriate, responsive, differentiated, open ended and challenging learning opportunities
  • Experiences that value, reflect, celebrate and build on our diverse community
  • Effective working partnerships to ensure the needs of all are represented and heard
  • Respectful, trusting and effective relationships which display emotional warmth
  • Supportive induction procedures and routines
  • Effective systems of communication
  • A proactive learning community with a belief that learning is learnable
  • A highly skilled, motivated and committed staff

We will demonstrate our commitment to this by:

  • Establishing and maintaining a dynamic and inclusive ethos which ensures there are consistently high expectations for all
  • Maintaining professional integrity, high standards and being effective role models
  • Being inspirational leaders and learners – ready to support and challenge others in their learning
  • Valuing and respecting all, celebrating individuality and diversity
  • Listening, reflecting and continuously improving on our previous best
  • Working within all agreed policies, procedures and working practices, ensuring they are brought alive
  • Supporting innovation, being flexible and playful
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Ensuring all staff have access to high quality on-going professional development opportunities
  • Challenging discrimination and stereotyping, breaking down barriers to inclusion
  • Ensuring all systems of communication are open and transparent
  • Making the best of all the resources we have available to us
  • Respecting and responding to the voice of our stakeholders and partners, leading the way in multi-agency delivery of services
  • Becoming co-constructors in learning, watching and learning alongside our learners
  • Sharing and learning from best practice, locally and nationally

Working for us

If you're searching for your next post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed individuals - send us your CV now via our School Talent Pool and say what sort of role you're looking for.  By joining our School Talent Pool we'll know you're interested in working here when a future vacancy occurs.

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