Stroud High School is a successful grammar school where girls can freely achieve their personal best, supported and encouraged by a team of dedicated and committed staff.  The girls who enter the school will gain outstanding academic qualifications as a result of experiencing learning, within and beyond the classroom, which develops their self-confidence and prepares them to become confident and happy young women. We challenge the girls to achieve their “personal best” through encouraging independence and aspiration as well as developing the resilience and resourcefulness they need, to thrive in an ever changing world.  We want the girls at Stroud High School to explore their talents and enthusiasms and leave the school with a lifelong passion for learning. Stroud High School is proud of its reputation not just as a high achieving selective school, year on year it appears in the Sunday Times top 100 state schools in the country. What we are most proud of though is our ethos: to quote from our 2010 Ofsted report: ‘Girls thrive at this excellent school.Outstanding academic achievement is matched by exceptional personal development.Stroud High School students are confident, articulate and exceptionally well behaved’. Our ethos is summed up in our description of our school as ‘a learning partnership valuing respect, personal best…and a spirit of fun.’ These words came from a consultation with students, former students, parents, governors and all staff and we feel encapsulates what makes Stroud High unique and the experience of working here a special one.  


We are very proud of our school, and want everyone who joins our community to share our beliefs and values.  What we believe: We want the girls who enter Stroud High School to go and make a difference in the world. Girls who enter Stroud High School go on to make a difference in the world Girls who enter the school develop their character, a social conscience and leave with life changing qualifications Stroud High School aims for their personal best We all work together in partnership in a community built on mutual respect  and strong personal relationships Education should be challenging, fun and exciting As a selective school we aim to be the very definition of a girls’ grammar school in the 21st century, combining traditional values with a dynamic and progressive learning environment. So what should a girls’ grammar school in the 21st century be like: An exceptional learning environment where students and staff focus on learning and personal development Outstanding standards of achievement at all Key Stages  A curriculum which focuses on enabling girls to explore their strengths and enthusiasms, whilst challenging them to become confident, independent learners Exceptional support care and guidance for all members of the school community, including Careers Guidance and Inspiration (CGI) First class provision for professional development for all staff.  A personalised approach to CPD and a commitment to becoming a school which leads partnership work and supports other schools A school which is an example of best practice in providing education for bright, able and talented girls A school which is accessible to all girls who have the ability and aptitude for a grammar school curriculum An international school, maintaining and enhancing international activities to promote global understanding as well as providing enriching experiences Maintaining an ethos where community spirit and successful relationships are the foundation for success    

Working for us

  One of the key school priorities is the development of our staff through first-class CPD provision.  The school is proud of its commitment to the professional development of all staff, and to providing quality training and learning opportunities which will move us forward not just individually, but as a school community. Staff are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning and build on their own skills and interests.  Teaching Staff  All teaching staff participate in the following from our bespoke package of  CPD: 5 SHS CPD sessions, covering teaching and learning, support, care and guidance, curriculum and  ICT School Development group.  Each group has a focus, this year the foci are:                  o   Sixth Form Teaching and Learning            o   ICT Innovation            o   Coaching            o   Pedagogical book group            o   Whole School Inset Additionally there are also two leadership development programmes available:            o   Aspiring Middle Leaders – Cotswold Edge Teaching Alliance            o   Beyond Middle Leadership – Stroud High School We have a highly motivated staff who are committed to their professional development, and therefore many staff develop not only by participating in, but also leading sessions for other staff. Our expertise in delivering sessions is complemented by external providers, expert in their own fields. Our staff also learn from and with each other and CPD time is also allocated to support collaborative planning and joint developmental work, developmental lesson observations and peer observation. Support Staff For support staff we provide a programme of learning opportunities, linked to specific needs, which will result in improved quality and effectiveness, alongside enhanced job satisfaction. Support staff can also access the bespoke SHS CPD package opportunities and where possible all training and development will be linked to the School Priority Improvement Plan and/or role-related training, this training may include:  Promoting the effectiveness of the staff as a team Responding to /cope with new demands/pressures/opportunities Achieving/maintaining the professional skills needed to fulfil a particular role  Induction of New Staff A comprehensive induction programme is in place to introduce new staff to school procedures, helping them do their job and providing the foundation for further professional development. An additional programme is in place to support Newly Qualified Teachers.                    

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