The Symphony Learning Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust that places outstanding learning and teaching at the heart of all its activities. All Lead Schools and Partner Schools are committed to continuing to raise standards and to inspire young minds. In an ever-changing world, SLT are committed to provide balanced, inspirational and exciting learning experiences for our pupils, with our values of aspiration, effort, tolerance and integrity underpinning this drive. The Symphony Learning Trust Lead Schools have a proven track record of devising and leading national initiatives and highly effective School to School support. We are proud of the impact we have upon outcomes for children across schools.

About us

We believe that strong collaboration with shared accountability can lead to better progress and attainment for pupils, and help all of the MAT schools meet rising expectations and to improve: Outcomes for children Opportunities for economies of scale The robust nature of our accountability towards and for one another All partner schools’ capacity to dictate their own direction This helps us to continue to build upon the work of symphony in which; Our school leaders and teachers share thinking and planning to spread expertise and tackle challenges together Our Governors come together to share strategic thinking, to combine skills and to support each other during challenging times shared professional development can more easily be arranged, whether led by staff from one of the partner schools or an outside body A Multi-Academy Trust in which four lead schools share the accountability for outcomes would, additionally, benefit from the fact that: Our school leaders, teachers and other staff could be shared across more than one school, enabling us to find different solutions to recruitment challenges, to retain staff by providing new opportunities within the group and to plan succession more effectively; Our groups of schools would find it easier to find and fund specialist expertise (specialist teachers and specialists in areas such as data analysis, finance, health and safety, HR) and provide richer curricular and extra-curricular activities; No one Lead School would be left vulnerable in a crisis but the significant expertise of each can be utilised on an equal footing;

Working for us

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