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At Taylor Road Primary we aspire to make a difference to our school and community every day.


Taylor Road School is a school with a long history and a great future. We are a diverse and thriving community with big aspirations!


‘Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is developed well. The school’s ‘starfish story’ sets the expectation for pupils, highlighting that they can make a difference to their world.’ - Ofsted March 2019


Partnership with parents and carers is at the centre of everything we do. Through regular newsletters, workshops, coffee mornings and celebration events, families and staff work hand in hand.


Working with a range of partners in education, our high expectations, broad and balanced curriculum and approach to learning are making a difference.  Taylor Road is a Good school (Ofsted 2019), we are an outward-facing school that is involved in a variety of projects to raise standards and benefit children across our school and others in Leicester. 


‘Pupils’ attitudes to learning are strong. They demonstrate high levels of concentration and participation in lessons.’ - Ofsted March 2019


We hold firm in our belief that children come first; we strive to ensure that all pupils at Taylor Road feel happy and safe.  With our children being the leaders of the future, we actively promote independence, confidence and teamwork.


Our school is a well maintained building with a good range of facilities and space. The school currently has over 760 pupils and is popular within the community in which it serves.


‘Parents value the school highly. The school is seen as the heart of the community.’ - Ofsted March 2019

About Us

Taylor is a multicultural Primary School maintained by the Leicester Education Authority. We cater for the 3 to 11 age range and we draw most of our children from the St Matthew's Estate. St Matthew's is an area of mainly Council-owned housing, situated some 10 minutes walks from the facilities of Leicester City Centre. The Estate is close to Abbey Park and in recent years it has undergone a great deal of improvement in order to provide modern living facilities and good amenities for play and recreation.

The St Matthew's Neighbourhood Centre is well used by the local community, the nearby What Cabin is a popular play centre for the children, St Matthews Sure Start and St. Matthew’s Contact Project have close contact with the School and the active Tenants' Association has done much to promote a sense of community pride  

Working for us

Reasons to Work with us:

  • Taylor Road is a Good school (Ofsted inspection report, 2019)
  • We have a passionate and committed leadership team who strive to improve both staff and pupil outcomes
  • We have a friendly, talented and helpful staff, very well-behaved pupils, fantastic CPD, committed governors, supportive parents and superb local community.
  • We have fantastic children. We are proud of our pupils’ attitudes to each other and to other adults and visitors in the school.
  • ‘Pupils’ conduct is of an exceptionally high standard. During the inspection, pupils were seen to be highly respectful of each other and adults.’  (Ofsted March 2019)
  • We have excellent resources, brilliant play and sporting facilities, including the school’s own specialist PE teacher and sports’ coaches.
  • “The school is at the very heart of the St. Matthew’s community it serves and it is very highly regarded by families and the local community” (OFSTED report 2019). 

Our promise: However good your current teaching practice, we promise to make you a much more effective and fulfilled teacher. Working at Taylor Road is a springboard to a very successful teaching career Come and work somewhere you will be appreciated, valued and developed. We do not bother with useless or knee-jerk talk-shop meetings. Work-life balance cherished: we believe that you will be a much better teacher if you have the time and energy to enjoy your life out of school.

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Ethos and Aims



Taylor School is committed to the principal of child-centred education, which recognises and respects the individuality of pupils and their capacity to develop an understanding of themselves and their relationships with the world.


We believe that:

  • All children are entitled to opportunities to develop their true potential to the full and to enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.
  • Education is central to individual fulfilment, economic opportunity, and the culture of our society and the health of the communities.
  • Children are our most precious assets and that there is an onus on us to create in our pupils an interest in learning, a curiosity for knowledge and a pride in the acquisition of skills, so that, in the fullness of time, they are able to make the most of their lifetime chances.
  • The basis for all education is an enquiring mind, together with personal values based on principle, a moral code and good role models set by adults.
  • Everyone is capable of true fulfilment whatever their culture, personal circumstances or particular talents.



In addition to the aims set down by the Leicester Education Authority, the school has the following aims which will guide our work with your child:


At Taylor we aim to work in partnership with parents, carers and the community in order to provide:


  • The maximum opportunity to succeed
  • Equal opportunities for all
  • A sound spiritual and moral framework
  • High quality teaching
  • A secure and well-disciplined environment
  • Partnership with parents, the local and wider community
  • A broad and balanced curriculum
  • A vision for the future


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Ofsted Report

We are Good School 2018-2019

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