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The time we spend in education is extremely formative; these are the years that shape the mind, the heart and the personality. Our website describes something of the ambitious and supportive Christian community which this school is; it explains something of our ethos, our philosophy. But words and pictures can only convey a limited amount. Please regard them as an invitation to visit and experience for yourself something of what makes this school so successful. Adjectives visitors use for our school include warm, friendly, courteous, confident, energetic, cheery, engaging and industrious. You will find your own way of describing The Cathedral School. Whatever words you choose, I am sure they will be ones which acknowledge the down-to-earth openness and warmth of all members of The Cathedral School family, the appetite for doing things well, the determination to succeed and to help others succeed and, above all, a sense that in this school our approach to the world, present and future, is infused with the gospel virtues of faith, hope and love.

About Us

Vision and Leadership At The Cathedral School we have a clear vision of what education should be about, and seek to live by that vision in our day-to-day interactions with one another and in setting the longer term direction of the school. As a Woodard school, we have a vision of a first class academic education, an extensive co-curricular programme which develops the skills and interests of our pupils outside the classroom, and a commitment to high quality pastoral care within a Christian context. The school's ethos can be articulated in six themes: ambition, care, thankfulness, opportunity, friendship and achievement. Learn more The School Governors and the Senior Leadership Team seek to ensure high quality leadership and management at all levels of the school. We are fortunate to have a very able and committed staff, excellent facilities and a very supportive parental body. All of us have one aim: that each pupil should be cared for, and should thrive both within and beyond the classroom.

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