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At Varna Community Primary School, we seek to provide the highest standard of education for all pupils in our care. We strive to instil in our pupils an enjoyment and thirst for learning so that they are able to fulfil their potential.

Varna Primary School is an inclusive, caring school where every child matters, we recognise that all children have talents and abilities to celebrate, and a part of our role is to help them discover and develop these. We encourage a strong community spirit, where we show consideration and respect for each other; understand differences, and uphold kind, well-mannered behaviour. 

Our school motto of ‘Dream – Believe – Achieve’ embodies our whole school ethos. We want our children to have high aspirations and to believe in themselves. We will ensure that all our children learn effectively, not only so they achieve as well as they can right across the curriculum, but also so they learn about themselves and others. We will do all we can to ensure our pupils are confident, aspirational and empowered to participate successfully at an academic, social and emotional level in a rapidly changing world.

We value the partnership that exists between parents, children, staff and governors and strongly believe that by working together we ensure the children at our school experience the best possible start in life.  

At Varna Community we treat pupils as individuals and we match work carefully to their ages, abilities and aptitudes.A rich, broad and balanced curriculum is used to help children develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to succeed as learners.

School Values and Ethos

The governors, parents, staff and pupils believe that Varna Community Primary School is:

A school where:
  • All people are important and treated as individuals.
  • All people respect and care for each other.
  • All people are expected to develop positive attitudes to each other, regardless of race, ability or gender.

A school which is:
  • Clean, warm, tidy and comfortable.
  • Looked after by everybody to keep it in good condition.
  • Enjoyed by its pupils and staff.

A school which is:
  • Aware of its responsibilities to parents and carers.
  • Helping all children to develop their abilities to the full.
  • Happy, stimulating and secure.

A school which:
  • Provides a balanced curriculum relevant to the needs and development of growing children.

A school where:
  • Pupils are expected to understand the need and reason for excellent behaviour.