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Venn Academy Trust was formed in 2015 as a result of a strong collaborative partnership between two headteachers representing four settings.

This unique partnership formed the Trust with Thorpepark Academy (2-11 year olds), Bridgeview Special School (5-11 year olds), Whitehouse Pupil Referral Unit (5-11 year olds), and Sullivan Medical Unit and the Hospital Classroom (7-16 year olds).

In September 2016 The Boulevard Centre and The Boulevard Nursery joined the Trust.

Latterly in the summer of 2017 Griffin Primary School (June 2017) and Mountbatten Primary School (July 2017) became members.

Venn is proud to deliver high quality extended services that include: home tuition for sick pupils, the behaviour outreach service and the hospital classroom at Hull Royal Infirmary.

From the beginning Venn has focused on upholding excellent teaching and learning for pupils who attend a Venn academy.

Core to the vision is the relentless focus on fostering pupil resilience and outstanding learning behaviour in mainstream and specialist teaching settings. Through this model pupils make exceptional progress, irrespective of starting points.

Venn and its schools are active participants in the Tidal Teaching School Alliance.

The research undertaken in Venn has secured success in developing behaviour management to create learning behaviour that has revolutionised teaching and the culture of its schools.

An outcome of this is the development of excellent professional development and research in Reading and Low-level Disruption.

Venn is recognised within the region and beyond for its provision, support and guidance for schools and educational institutions to successfully manage disruptive behaviour.

About Us

Our Vision and Values

  • Promote high aspirations and success for all

  • Place sustained school improvement as a core educational standard

  • Provide a stimulating and creative learning experience for all pupils

  • Manage all settings to the highest standard

  • Develop and promote effective leadership

  • Establish all settings at the heart of their communities

  • Enable dynamic professional learning and development for all

Working for us

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Thorpepark Primary School

Welcome to Thorpepark we celebrate the diversity of all children and cultures. We strive to give our pupils the very best learning experience to make them lifelong learners and prepare them well for the next stage in their learning journey. We promote SMSC and modern British values and ensure our children understand the differences that make us all unique. Our motto 'Aiming high' reflects the highest standards we expect for all learners. We undertake this by providing a curriculum that reflects the National Curriculum and is broad, balanced and meets the needs of all learners. Our teachers plan inspiring learning experiences that seek to motivate and challenge children of all ages. We encourage Enterprise in our curriculum to prepare pupils for the world of work and are proud of the many effective partnerships that we share not only in the community but in the city of Hull and the region.

Our Ethos and Values

At our school we want our pupils to strive to be the best that they can be and we encourage members of the school community to aim high.

Our aim is for each child to achieve their full potential and we will provide an enriched enterprising curriculum which develops the moral, spiritual, cultural and social understanding of each child.

We promote thoughtful behaviour through our positive ethos and support all pupils and families to aim high in all aspects of school life particularly behaviour, attendance and attainment.

Within a safe environment we will instill for all in our community the desire to learn by promoting life skills and developing the will to take appropriate risks that allow us to welcome challenges in the school, wider community and the world around us.

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Bridgeview, Whitehouse and The Sullivan Centre

Bridgeview is a day school for children with Behaviour Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD).  

We admit children who are statemented with special needs from age 5 up to 11 years old.  Most of our children come from within the Hull boundary but we do admit children from other local authorities.  The children who attend our school have complex difficulties and our experienced staff work alongside many external agencies to ensure we meet the individual needs of every child.

We are co-located with The Whitehouse pupil referral unit and the Sullivan Centre pupil referral unit.  All three settings provide education for children who are unable to access mainstream schools for many and varied reasons.

Mission Statement

Through constructive intervention we restore and revitalise childrens' ambitions to enable them to be fulfilled.  Working in partnership with parent carers, external agencies and a range of schools we guide and support children towards a purposeful and successful future.  We create positive change by modelling helpful behaviours and opening young minds to opportunity.

In our building you will see:

High ambition - high challenge

Children challenged to succeed

Staff challenged to create success

A dynamic learning environment designed to inspire

A safe environment so all feel secure

An inclusive ethos so all feel welcome and valued

We are insistent, persistent and consisent!

The Boulevard Centre

This school is a unique setting within our community where we support, guide and educate pregnant and teenage mothers.

With an on-site nursery and a specially structured academic timetable, we are able to deliver a high level of education whilst developing and nurturing our pupils parenting skills and knowledge.

This is a place where everybody can achieve their potential and push the boundaries. I am proud to share with you our school, nursery and pupil’s achievements and activities and very much look forward to an even brighter future in 2016 and beyond.

The Boulevard Centre Aims and Objectives

Here at The Boulevard Centre we aim to instil the ambition to achieve in all of our pupils, and to provide them with the education, life skills and support which will enable them to become independent young women.

We want all of our pupils to lead successful, happy and healthy lives, and to be able to make positive choices for themselves and their children by engaging in further education, employment or training opportunities.

We want to inspire the best in everyone at The Boulevard Centre. Our aim is for pupils to embrace the following attributes:

Confidence – we want pupils to be prepared to experiment and challenge themselves

Resilience – our pupils need to be prepared to change to meet new demands and not be afraid of making mistakes

Perseverance – our pupils need to challenge themselves not to give up at the first hurdle

We pride ourselves on being open to new ideas. We operate on the needs of each individual pupil and recognise the need for flexibility and to encompass new ways of thinking to ensure an effective and meaningful learning experience for all who attend.

We believe every pupil has the potential to succeed, and our style of teaching and learning promotes achievement while supporting self-esteem and confidence for a positive outlook.

The welfare and safety of our pupils and their children is paramount at The Boulevard Centre, and all precautions are taken to protect those in attendance.

Mountbatten Primary School

Mountbatten Primary School is an improving school, progressing on its journey to good.

Our School Aims:

  • To be the best that we can be.
  • To raise standards of achievement in all aspects of pupil development through the school.
  • To develop each child’s desire to achieve.
  • To develop and communicate an ethos of high expectation throughout the school community.
  • To provide a rich and varied learning environment, that allows children to develop their skills and abilities, working towards achieving their full potential.
  • To develop skills enabling children to deal with challenges and change.
  • To develop a child’s self confidence and feeling of self worth.
  • To provide children with a purpose and context for their learning.
  • To promote a caring and considerate attitude towards each other within the community.
  • To foster the tolerance of opinions and beliefs of others.
  • To engender social skills that enable children to work and communicate effectively with others.
  • To promote independence.


Griffin Primary School

Griffin Primary is a popular school situated on the Bilton Grange Estate in the east of the city close to the main route out of the city to the coast and villages. We are part of the Kingston upon Hull Children and young People's Services as one of approximately 71 primary schools within the city boundary.


At Griffin Primary School, we believe that every child is entitled to an education which will release their potential within a rich and happy environment which encourages them to challenge themselves to be better than they think they can be, where all successes are celebrated so that they develop a passion for life-long learning and the abilities and qualities to function successfully within and beyond the doors of our school.