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Welcome to Walter Halls Primary School. We are a large primary school serving Mapperly and St Anns in Nottingham. Our school is diverse and vibrant with wonderful children, staff and families. 

About Us

At Walter Halls we strive for the highest standards of education for all of our pupils and believe that, “Together EveryoneAchieves More”.

Our school aims are:


  1. We value everyone in our school community. We support, respect and encourage one another. We want to make sure that everyone feels safe, happy and included.

  2. We have high expectations of everyone. We believe that everyone has the right to succeed and make progress.

  3. Our teaching and learning is rich, varied and enjoyable. As well as teaching the basic skills we encourage imagination, creativity and independence. We want to widen children’s experiences and develop their confidence.

  4. We celebrate our differences and our similarities. We always challenge fairness and injustice.

  5. We work in partnership with our families and our community. We know that their support increases their child’s chances of success.

Nottingham Schools Trust

Walter Halls is a Local Authority maintained school and a member of the Nottingham Schools Trust. This is not a Multi Academy Trust but an alliance of 30 maintained schools in the Local Authority. The trust schools work closely together in a supportive capacity sharing ideas, training and development opportunities while retaining their own autonomy as Local Authority Schools. This is an innovative and new approach to an alliance which was begun in September 2017. We have found that sharing of practise and projects has already been of great benefit to the staff and children.