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Welcome to Wigmore School Academy Trust. We are highly successful Nursery School, Primary School and High School situated on the same site in the stunning surroundings of North Herefordshire. We cater for children from 3 to 16 years of age in two separate schools. Our mission statement is enjoying learning together" which encompasses the shared vision to develop the notion of and celebrate the benefits of all-through education. At Wigmore, we are committed to working in partnership with all stakeholders to provide the best education for all our children. Our principal aim is for our children to be happy, healthy and successful.

About Us

Wigmore School is a rural school in a stunning location of natural beauty.  We are an outstanding high performing school which achieves well above national standards.  Over the last 6 years, we have secured a place as one of the top comprehensive schools nationally.  We have an enviable reputation supported by excellent facilities and a committed staff.  We have supportive parents, talented pupils and excellent links with the local community.  Visitors to the school are always impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and well-behaved and polite children. In support of the school aims: We believe that every young person matters We will inspire members of the school and wider community to participate and succeed We will use current and future technologies to enrich learning for the whole community We will enable pupils to gain knowledge and skills for life, employment and leisure in a constantly changing world We will widen our pupils' horizons as responsible global citizens THE SCHOOL AIMS To provide a happy and caring envionment which is full of educational opportunities; enabling pupils of all abilities to live a rich personal life 'ENJOYING LEARNING TOGETHER' and contribute as widely as possible to the life of the community. Supporting these Aims, the School has the following objectives: To develop a sense of personal and social responsibility respecting the rights and needs of others To provide equal opportunities for every pupil to realise their full potential in all areas of school life. To encourage pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds; and to apply themselves to the solution of problems. To enable the pupils to acquire knowledge, skills, practical and physical abilities relevant to adult life, employment and leisure in a fast changing world.  i.   To use written and spoken language effectively  ii.  To make effective use of the basic concepts of mathematics and science.  iii. To develop an appreciation and understanding in human achievements in the arts, sciences, and technology. At KS3, to broadly fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum and to encourage all pupils to participate fully in the wide range of educational opportunities offered by the School. At KS4, to broadly fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum and, within the wider curriculum, to provide pupils with the opportunity to develop specialist interests and skills, according to ability, aptitude and interests. To assist pupils to achieve their potential in external examinations and to prepare them for post 16 education, training and employment. To help pupils develop a respect for spiritual and moral values and to respect other races, religions and ways of life. To ensure that parents have the opportunity to play a full and responsible part in the education of their children. To provide a welcoming and friendly environment which encourages the wider community to take advantage of those school facilities, which have the potential to enhance quality of life. Such objectives are not easy to achieve and would be impossible without an active partnership between teachers, the pupils, parents and the wider community.