Welcome to Ashby Hastings Primary School


Ashby Hastings is a one-form entry school and is run by Symphony Learning Trust, a primary-based Multi Academy Trust which is based in Leicestershire. Symphony is a very successful Trust with a total of eight primary schools in Leicestershire.

Our outcomes for pupils are some of the highest in Leicestershire and we pride ourselves on our warm, successful and vibrant schools.

About Ashby Hastings

Ashby Hastings Primary School opened for its first cohort of pupils in September 2021 (also known as Reception, FS2 and 4+ pupils). The school will continue to grow year by year as demand for year groups grow.

Ashby Hastings will be careful and sensitive to ensure we do not have an adverse impact on other primary schools in the locality.

The school is a one-form entry which means that there will be one class per year group with no more than 30 pupils in each class.

We have a beautiful eco-friendly school with bespoke-designed grounds which offer ample space for outdoor learning and sport for our pupils.

Ashby Hastings has been named in recognition of the Hastings family who built the famous Ashby Castle in the 15th century.

At Ashby Hastings, we aim to offer a rich and engaging school experience that inspires the children to achieve their full potential in all they do.

We want them to become resilient, positive, curious learners who adopt determination to succeed. Our children will be equipped with the skills and mind-set to thrive and will develop their resilience in life. This resilience will be wider than education and we aim to prepare our children to have the necessary skills to be successful in 21st century life.

Children will be valued, empowered and challenged to achieve their potential and excel in their achievements.

Symphony Learning Trust

The Symphony Learning Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust that places outstanding learning and teaching at the heart of all its activities. All Lead Schools and Partner Schools are committed to continuing to raise standards and to inspire young minds. In an ever-changing world, SLT are committed to provide balanced, inspirational and exciting learning experiences for our pupils, with our values of aspiration, effort, tolerance and integrity underpinning this drive. The Symphony Learning Trust Lead Schools have a proven track record of devising and leading national initiatives and highly effective School to School support. We are proud of the impact we have upon outcomes for children across schools.

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