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We want Zaytouna Primary School to be a warm and welcoming school that truly inspires all; children, parents and the wider community by providing them with calm, reflective and safe environments in which they can be nurtured. Our broad and balanced curriculum of intellectual, physical and spiritual education is all inspired and underpinned by the principles of the Islamic Faith and British Values so that children become positive contributors to any community in which they choose to live. We believe that children should have a positive emotional attachment to learning and be awed and inspired by the learning of Allah's creation so that they become lifelong learners who see the whole world as their classroom. We want our school family to celebrate diversity, where difference is respected. We prepare our children to live in a multi-cultural world where they value people of all faiths and none along with people of all walks of life and who challenge discrimination of any form. Zaytouna Primary School is a place where everyone is valued as an individual that is part of a family where we all work together with respect, transparency and honesty in the love of Allah. We aim to ensure that the Islamic ethos is a golden thread that runs through everything that we do.

About us

We are an inclusive school where all are inspired to excel in their achievements; we are all shining examples of how to live in multi-cultural Britain. • We are happy life-long learners. • Our school is warm, welcoming and truly inspirational for all • We are positive contributors to any community in which we choose to live• We celebrate diversity and respect differences • The Islamic ethos is a golden thread that runs through everything that we do.• Zaytouna staff will benefit from the collaborative approach to continued professional development provided by Transform Multi Academy Trust and the Transform Teaching School Alliance.