Have you considered moving your teaching career abroad and working in one of the wonderful countries of Central America? If you're looking for a tropical climate, colourful wildlife and a friendly laid back way of life then Central America could be the perfect destination for you!

Teaching in Central America

Working in Central America gives teachers the opportunity to live and teach in some of the most sought after locations on the planet. Every major city in Central America has an international school, sometimes several, with an abundance of teaching opportunities available. As the continent's economic situation improves, the number of international schools is also on the increase and they're always looking out for ambitious teachers with a sense of adventure.

The facilities at many of the schools are excellent with benefits that include a competitive salary, flights and accommodation- not to mention the exotic locations! You will encounter many warm and friendly people during your stay and you will notice an enthusiastic willingness to learn among your students. With so much on offer in Central America your only disappointment will be that you didn’t stay longer.

About Central America

Central America is a tropical paradise that connects North America to South America and is overflowing with breathtaking sights. Made up of 7 countries and hundreds of small paradise islands, just waiting to be discovered! You will find unexplored Mayan ruins, untouched rain forests, sun kissed sandy beaches, exotic birds and wildlife, along with the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere. Central America boasts a rich blend of cultures, a mosaic of races and languages that entice visitors from all over the world.

Depending on the lifestyle you lead, you will find your money goes a long way in Central America, with food, accommodation and transport being relatively cheap. This will give you the freedom to travel and visit countries such as Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala. Take the opportunity to explore the flamboyant islands of the Caribbean, where the vibrant and energetic spirit of the local people is highly contagious!

The tropical weather is a huge benefit of living in Central America, but as with all climates, some months are more enjoyable than others. The dry season is the most pleasant time to be in Central America, this runs from around mid-November to May. Outside of this season the humidity will be higher and tropical storms will be more frequent.

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