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Surrey is a diverse county to start your teaching career in. With London only round the corner, you could venture into an inner-city school, or take a look at the wide range of Surrey primaries and secondaries in the surrounding countryside. A popular destination for higher education, it is home to Royal Holloway University (London) in Egham and Surrey University in Guilford, who features a research park exploring new technologies.

For the trepid explorer and avid fan of school trips, this county provides a wealth of interesting and educational places to visit. From historic sites such as Hampton Court Palace to exciting attractions like Thorpe Park. Surrey schools are surrounded by exceptional locations for their students and teachers.

How do I become a teacher in Surrey?

Get into teaching by achieving a Bachelor's degree in your chosen subject or a Bachelors of Education, then move onto receiving Qualified Teacher Status by completing your PGCE and NQT years.

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